Meet Hannah, 
Founder, Admin, Steering Team, Steward

Name: kill3rhana/Hana/Hannah
Favourite Band: 21 pilots
Favourite Colour: Crimson
Favourite Quote: "HYAAHHHHHHHH" - Link, Legend of Zelda
Favourite Food: Nandos Supremo in a pita w/ Churasco BBQ
Pineapple on pizza?: No pineapple, no ham, no pizza at all, don't @ me.

Hannah started her streaming journey in the late months of 2018 and quickly built a humble community with a focus on being genuine, kind and open, especially with discussions around mental & physical health. Through her own personal health struggles, streaming became a staple of her hobby time and reignited her passion for gaming, community and togetherness. As a Founder of StreamTopia, Hannah strives to reach out and lift up streamers and those interested in it, to empower them in paving their own path and following their dreams (stream wise or other). With 5 years in management/leadership experience and a love of games and technology since childhood, melting them together to help develop the StreamTopia & wider Christchurch community is a strong aspiration for her. Her dedication to her friends and love for her community means she is approachable and welcoming. If you have any issues with anything she is always happy to help in any way she can.

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Meet Cody,
Founder, Steering Team, Tech Ninjaneer

Name: NZShroomy/Shroomy/Cody
Favourite Band: Black Sabbath

Favourite Colour: Black
Favourite Quote: "its.. its.. LUBU!" Dynasty warriors
Favourite Food: Nachos / Burritos
Pineapple on pizza?: ALL OF THE YESES

NZShroomy is a kiwi variety streamer from Christchurch New Zealand. Shroomy has been streaming since September of 2018 and had quickly grown a fun and friendly community full of amazing people! His name comes from guild wars 2 in the form of the Sylvari race which are forest people in which he made a mushroom warrior!

As a founder of Streamtopia Shroomys goals are to make a fun and inviting community for everyone to feel welcome to and come to with any need for help, no matter their passions! With many years of being in communities and running guilds and groups Shroomy has experience in guiding people on their path and providing assistance where needed and always willing to step out his way to help someone in need.

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Meet Jaz
Creative Ambassador, Founder, Admin

FoxesAndSocks / Foxes / Jaz
Pronouns: Them/They

Foxes started streaming in 2013 on an art focused streaming website before switching to Twitch in March 2016 and began to build a wonderful community, The Sock Draw. The name was created after the original was taken already on twitch and soon developed to another alternate rhyme (of which was grammar correct!), as well as the love for the little red vulpine!

As a founder of StreamTopia, Foxes goals include to bring fun and excitement into the community as well as bringing in some creative vibes for all to be able to express themselves through artistic ways throughout Christchurch and the wider community! They have been in communities for 5+ years, being involved in events and fandoms including TV Shows, Games, Movies, Books, etc. Their love of meeting new people and has a bright and bubbly personality. If there is anything at any point that someone needs assistance with then they're always willing to lend a hand!

Favourite Band: Avicii
Favourite Colour: Purple!
Favourite Quote: "Oh, I get it... who brought the marshmallows? 'Cause I'm bringin' the fire." - Nero DMC5
Favourite Food: Mac and Cheese!
Pineapple on pizza?: Sometimes, It depends on how I'm feeling!

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