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My names Danette (the shortened version of my name). I used to do streaming of Fortnite and State Of Decay 2 before I had my second daughter. I have buts of knowledge here and there, I studied Business, done charity events and voluntary work in the community. I love all types of arts and crafts and I've done quite a lot of beaded work in forms of insects and taught a little of that. I used to sing and write songs. Basically anything creative I love and I'm community driven. Right now I host Pokemon Go Ranked PVP Tournaments and have started up a Casual Club for Pokémon Go players. As soon as I heard everything about streamtopia dreams and goals i felt like it was destiny, I've always had a dream to bring the community together through gaming, community events and streaming to show everyone this is some cool stuff you can join in and meet others. I've always been told that Christchurch needs a hang out place, a gaming lounge and the problem had always been lack of funds to create a dream to reality. I believe that this will happen, I will help anyway I possibly can to bring everyone's hard work and dreams to life. I hope this let's you know a little bit more about me and I look forward to getting to know everyone more and helping this project grow. Thanks guys

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