About Us

StreamTopia, a Canterbury network of people that stream, love to watch streamers and who want to get into it ! 

When you join StreamTopia, you create a profile alongside other local streamers. You will be invited to meet ups and community streaming activities at our home base The Loft - 119 Riccarton Rd (above The Common Room Pool Hall)

You get to meet other streamers, increase your viewership and StreamTopia will schedule your stream to be hosted by our collective stream. This will increase your viewership and people that like what they see will head over and join you ! 

Together, let us stream, build skills, build viewership and have good times at our community meet ups ! 

StreamTopia is a  streamers collaboration, a platform to host and showcase talent from Canterbury & encourage a strong community focused presence with tangible face to face experiences.

StreamTopia is founded on the idea of lifting people up, building a platform and community to expand the reach of smaller streamers and individuals who want to have a place to meet IRL/URL. StreamTopia members can work with/collaborate and create new ideas or experiences that they can then share to a diverse audience through the StreamTopia Media outlet.


This consists of a StreamTopiaCHC twitch page that streamers can feature on and be hosted by; a Facebook page where streamers "going live" pings can be signal boosted as well as a physical space where peeps can meet up and get to know each other better through hosting events, gatherings, celebrations, competitions, tournaments and many more exciting experiences.


StreamTopia is made by streamers, for streamers, so that means YOU get your say on how you want to be represented and supported in the wonderful community we create.

Stream with us - Watch with us
Play with us - Grow with us
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